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WineGB South East – Privacy Notice for Members

How we process your personal data
The details that you have provided to WineGB as part of your membership application/renewal of WineGB South East have been provided to us in summary by WineGB. You have been asked to check the details supplied and confirm that they have been accurately recorded.
Your personal data will be recorded and processed on the following contractual basis to provide your membership services:
  • Name, address and contact details will be maintained on WineGB South East’s members register and Xero accounting programme in order to contact you as needed regarding your membership/activities of WineGB South East and for invoice/accounting purposes respectively.
  • The email(s) supplied will be added to the WineGB South East email forum, the MailChimp lists for bulletins/e-newsletters and the WineGB South East email accounts for communication.
  • Your name, address and contact details will be used for us to contact you and add to our members list.
  • Personal data will be maintained on the Members register for the period during which you are a member.
  • If you leave WineGB South East your personal data will be transferred to the list of previous members to be used if you choose to renew your membership. This will be maintained for up to five years after which time it will be deleted.
By consent to provide a list of WineGB members to the public:
  • WineGB South East will publish producer member names and contact details on the WineGB South East website
  • WineGB South East will supply member name, contact details, photographs to the authorised third-party supplier of the WineGB South East Wine Route Map and/or Visitor Guide and  in order to publish your details on the map and/or Visitor Guide. 
Your rights regarding processing of your data

All individuals may contact WineGB South East verbally or in writing for the following purposes:

  • To request details of their personal information held by WineGB South East.
  • To request that erroneous personal data about themselves is corrected.
  • To request that personal data is removed from the membership register.
  • To remove consent previously given to WineGB South East to publish their details on the website or pass details onto the third-party map and app supplier. 
Any queries or further information, please contact Belinda Mercer, General Secretary of WineGB South East at The Data Protection Officer for WineGB is Mags Gilbert who can be contacted by email on or by telephone on 01858 467792 regarding WineGB issues.
Your right to lodge a complaint about how WineGB handle your personal data
If you have a concern about how WineGB South East has handled your personal data you can report this to the Information Commissioners Office ( The ICO is the supervisory body for data processing in the UK.

Legal disclaimer and general information 

WineGB South East’s conferences, seminars and other updates for members or public (collectively “Content”) are not intended to constitute formal legal, financial, technical or other advice, or create a lawyer-client relationship. Content is provided in good faith with reasonable efforts to ensure accuracy, but is no substitute for obtaining advice appropriate for your particular circumstances. Participants should not rely upon the Content or act upon any information in the expectation of claiming reliance, and are advised to consult their own legal, financial, technical or other advisors should they wish to rely on it or have any material impact on their businesses or personal situation.

Content is provided “as is.” WineGB South East and its officer or volunteers do not represent that the content will be error-free, timely, free of viruses or other harmful elements, or that defects will be corrected; no representations are made, express or implied, with respect to the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of any of the content, and any liability or warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement are expressly disclaimed, as well as any liability for any action, or failure to take action, in reliance on any of content. Your sole remedy for any dissatisfaction with any Contents is to refrain from using such Content.

All content, imagery, photographs logos and other used within this site and text remain copyright of WineGB South East and its members, or individual photographers who took the photographs, except whereby some copyright free stock images have been used (from or, for example). We have used the images as provided to us by our members and their associates in good faith that they are legally permitted for reproducing here, and in good faith that the correct publication permissions were obtained before they were provided to us, however any copyright or attribution issues should be flagged by emailing and we will attempt to remedy as soon as possible. No content may be reproduced elsewhere without the express written permission of the individual copyright owner.

Website cookie privacy policy

Privacy Overview

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