WineGB South East works in partnership with WineGB’s Sustainable Wines of Great Britain programme, available for members to apply to join. Find out more below.  

Sustainable Wines of Great Britain

The Sustainable Wines of Great Britain (SWGB) Scheme was launched in 2020 to secure sustainability at the heart of the UK wine producing industry. SWGB’s vision is to create a strong and vibrant community within the English and Welsh wine industry that actively promotes sustainability through information sharing, research, and a certification scheme that is inclusive, effective, and well-respected by customers.

The SWGB Scheme currently has six vinegrowing and five winemaking objectives:

  • Maintain and improve soil health
  • Manage vineyard canopies and yields optimally
  • Minimise and optimise pesticide inputs
  • Conserve the vineyard (and surrounding) environment and promote biodiversity
  • Reduce vineyard carbon footprint per hectare
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle vineyard waste
  • Improve winery design to reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce the energy and water footprint per bottle of wine
  • Reduce the environmental impact of wine packaging
  • Reduce the carbon footprint per bottle of wine
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle winery waste and wastewater

Wine producers can gain SWGB accreditation for their vineyards and wineries by working towards these objectives via the SWGB Scheme guidelines, then successfully completing an independent audit every three years. The SWGB Trademark may only be used on the labels of bottles if the wine is made in a Scheme-approved winery and contains at least 85% of fruit grown in a Scheme-approved vineyard.

Among the unique SWGB Scheme tools developed to facilitate this process is the WineGB Carbon Calculator, which was part-funded by WineGB South East and developed by The Farm Carbon Calculator Company. The WineGB Carbon Calculator works out the carbon footprint of both vineyard (per hectare) and wineries (per bottle), including both carbon emissions and capture. Members of SWGB are required to calculate their carbon footprint annually and reduce it year-on-year. Anonymised data from members is collected and used for benchmarking and setting industry standards.

For more information, including how to join, please email SWGB Chair Chris Foss on

The aims of the Sustainable WineGB Scheme

You can find more information about the Sustainable Wines of Great Britain scheme here >>


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